Synerg is a Portuguese company that operates in two business areas: Forestry and Trade of Forest Raw Materials.

We implement good forestry management practices in the execution of operations aimed at the establishment or maintenance of forest spaces, contributing to the sustainability of biodiversity and the environment.

Export and import of forest products and raw materials are opportunities that we intend to explore and develop.



As a result of the forest fires in recent years and the growing awareness of the effects of climate change, there is an increasing awareness in society regarding the importance of the forest. This includes carbon sequestration, promotion of biodiversity, improvement of water quality, and the enhancement of the landscape.


With the growth in the number and diversification of industrial consumers using forest raw materials, we observe that the market is deficient, creating an opportunity for the import and export of raw materials. Synerg aims to explore this opportunity, thereby expanding the range of services available to its customers.

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