Synerg is a Portuguese company operating in the forestry sector with forestry services, trading in forestry raw materials and management of raw material parks.

The export and import of forest products and raw materials are opportunities that SYNERG intends to explore and develop.



As a result of the forest fires of recent years and the awareness of the dangers of global warming, society is becoming more aware of the importance of Forests in people's lives, mainly due to their role in fighting climate change and the role they can play in defending against fires.


With the growth in number and diversification of industrial consumers who consume forestry raw materials (mainly pine and residual forest biomass) we have found that the market has a deficit, thus creating an opportunity for the import and export of raw materials, as a strategy to correct the deficits identified, an opportunity that SYNERG intends to exploit, thus broadening the range of services available to its customers and promoting dynamism and private investment in the sector.


As a way of providing a wider service to its customers, SYNERG is committed to managing its own or third-party raw materials parks, making the supply of raw materials to industrial units more efficient and reducing the future impact that a shortage of raw materials will have on their raw materials supply.

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